7 Ways Adopted Children Love Differently

I am going to preface this with I only can speak for myself and the people around me who are children of adoption.

When we love it’s deep and unconditional

When we actually do love a person we love with all of our heart and rarely anything breaks that. We will move mountains and cross oceans for the person (or people) we love.

It takes us longer to love

We might be able to love harder, but it also takes us longer. We like to make sure that you do want us for us. We want to get to know you we want to be comfortable with you.

We get weary of people loving us

Not that everyone goes through the same things in life but people loving us sometimes feels like an impossible job with no reason. We start to question oh wait, you really like me? Or even if we get married sometimes we still don’t know how long someone could love us.

It’s hard to let people in

Letting people in means letting people know about the good the bad and the ugly. When we open up we are having an open invitation to talk about some feelings we do not have even thought about.

When we do let people in it they experience something special

Letting people get to know us more than surface level is something that takes a lot of time for anyone, but especially the adopted. When we open it because we feel at home the more we open the more we trust and love you.

We accept love even when it isn’t right

I’ve known adopted kids to accept love from people who aren’t right for them. These people show the basic emotions and feelings of love, but it is not love it is affection and attention.

We show love in a different way

When might not be obvious when we like you, our affection is private. We might do small things to show you affection, sometimes we don’t even know how to show it.


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