Here’s To The Future


Here’s to the future, I hope you have all the happiness in the world, I hope you love and are loved equally in return. Stress is something that is temporary, I know currently whatever is happening feels like it’s never going to end. You have to make some horrible decisions that will hurt someone without that ever being your intention.

Graduation is only around the corner, which means your stress has only just begun. Inviting people and making sure everyone can come or trying to plan to visit them. Feelings during this season will get hurt but you need to make the decisions and move on. You also need to protect your sanity, which will tick people off.

Start to tell people your feelings and other things straight up and they need to be straight up with you. No more asking people their opinions on things and getting answers like ‘it’s up to you’ or ‘ I don’t have an opinion on it’. Getting those answers won’t help you and left you more confused than when you don’t tell people how you really feel.

You need to start figuring out what you want to do, what kind of relationships you want to have and how you will maintain them. If not you will start to feel forced to keep talking to people who you don’t want to. Life is too short for you be fake happy.

Face your issues with adoption, you can’t just keep avoiding all of your issues. You also can’t pretend you don’t have any problems, you have found communities and other people who are going through the same thing. Let’s talk to other people in your actual life who are adopted and might not have any voice, give them a voice through this blog.

Look at the smile and genuine happiness in the picture below. THAT is you, you aren’t going to let one bad time define your whole life. Let stress pass and return to joy, you need to fight for that smile.

Here’s to the future of me.

me 2


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