Family Affairs

Who is your family? Family to most people means people who are related by blood, but for me (and a lot of others), that’s not so easy. If I went by that I would not have considered the people who raised me, my family. My definition of family is people who will love you unconditionally and who like you most of the time. My family doesn’t just stop at blood-related family, I was adopted in I have family members who are just friends of my parents, but I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

I have always had an easy time to call someone family because they showed me, love. I have called my current best friend(check the picture below) family from the first month I’ve met her. I know calling people family when they aren’t is common practice with mom and dad’s close friend or a best friend but these usually it takes months or years to really form that type of bond, for me it is a matter of weeks.

Having a special kind of attachment to people really makes relationships hard for me when they fail. If others experience continuous disappointment from people, they call family they seem to slowly cut them off. When I have the same disappointment, I don’t cut people off at all, I usually try to get closer to that person, which ends up hurting some part of me. Even with romantic relationships I always get too close way too fast and that ends up hurting me because I consider that person a family member.

While talking to my birth father a while ago he brought up a good question “what do you see me as?” Well, that brings up an interesting answer… do I see him as a father? do I see him as a cousin? Or a friend? This question got a quick response from me, but did I really think about the question? No, I gave an answer that I thought would be simple. I had never really thought about it but once I said it, it was out there. I have no regrets about what I said but next time I need to think about what I am saying.

The pictures below are my best friend, a family picture from Thanksgiving a few years ago and New Years about five years ago with people I call family.



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